CEO Message

I'm Lee Jae-ho, CEO of CASTPRO Co. Ltd.

CASTPRO creates and produces wireless convergence display solutions utilizing wireless communication technology.
With the invention of Korea's first mobile (Android) operating system-based electric car charger, something that cannot be
found in the present market for electric vehicles, its superior technology and innovation are highly regarded in the Korean market for electric vehicles.
Currently, the trend in the global automobile market is shifting towards environmentally friendly automobiles.
As of September 2021, the number of eco-friendly automobiles registered in Korea had already surpassed one million.
In addition, as of October, the number of registered electric cars had topped 210,000, and the domestic market for electric vehicles is expanding continuously.
In this context, CASTPRO will provide IT-enabled intelligent products to the electric car charger market,
which formerly consisted solely of power delivery.

We will approach our clients with a more realistic and affordable price, and we will also become a leader in achieving carbon neutrality.

We kindly ask for your continued interest and support.
Thank you.
ceo sign  CEO of CASTPRO Co.,Ltd.

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