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  • Brand K

    CASTPRO's researchers created HELLO CHARGER,
    an electric car charger based on the Android operating system.
    The Ministry of SMEs and
    Startups designated it as a Brand K product,
    the first for a domestic charger.

    HELLO CHARGER has acquired OCPP1.6 certification,
    a protocol established by the Ministry of Environment.
    The self-developed integrated
    control system consists of a cloud server and
    is accessible without restrictions on time or space.

    The Android operating system makes it
    easy to expand the service,
    while the remote control function and
    meter-integrated control board
    save time and expense in the performance of maintenance.

    • Android OS

    • Brand K Products

    • OCPP1.6 Certified

    • Maintenance/
      Repair Management

  • Android OS

    The endless scalability of the Android operating system
    provides an optimal solution for charging service providers
    seeking to expand their services.

    The operating system is license-free and open-source,
    and the self-developed EVI Module is capable of
    modifying H/W specifications based on client requirements.

    Charging service providers may offer a variety of services
    through the chargers by just installing the necessary APP.

    • Scalability

    • Solutions Provided

    • Customization

    • App Installation

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  • Convenience

    The LCD screen's 600 cd/m2 brightness
    ensures a crisp display, both indoors and outdoors,
    and the waterproof touch technology
    provides a responsive interface even
    in rainy or snowy conditions.

    It employs the J1772 connection, an international standard,
    and offers a cable with a maximum length of 10 meters
    so that anybody can charge conveniently,
    regardless of the orientation of the vehicle's charging outlet.

    • Clear Screens

    • Waterproof Feature

    • J1772 Connector

  • ALL

    HELLO CHARGER has made the payment system easier.
    It accepts credit cards, check cards,
    and Samsung Pay
    through the use both of a bi-directional
    IC card reader and an RFID reader.

    As a result, anyone may utilize it without having to go through
    a time-consuming membership registration process.

    • Samsung Pay

    • Accessible for Anyone

    • Convenient Use

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  • TWO

    There is no need to install multiple chargers.
    HELLO CHARGER offers
    2-channel chargers for all product categories,
    including 7 kW slow chargers and rapid charges.

    The 2-channel charger is a cost-effective solution
    that can simultaneously charge
    two vehicles with a single charger,
    reducing not only the product purchase price
    but also installation expenses.
    Meet the Korean government-certified HELLO CHARGER,
    which combines technological innovation
    with economic viability.

    • 2-channel

    • Equal Number
      of Charges

    • Economic

    • Ministry of SMEs
      and Startups